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Street Scene Street Team with Yogi and O’Mega Renegade Talk Radio

Renegade Nation Meet Yogi and O’Mega new to Renegade Nation Yogi and O’Mega

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Sperm Crash with Richie Marla and Marky Mark

Germanwings Co-Pilot Was Once Treated for Suicidal Tendencies. Pesticides on fruits, veggies linked with poorer semen quality. Rapper Azealia Banks Fires Back at Fox’s Eric Bolling: ‘Go Suck a Dick’ Enjoy Renegade Nation Richie Marla and Marky Mark

America’s Betrayal, hosted by Bethany Blankley Renegade Talk Radio

In 2015 America Ivy Insanity exceeds any expectation that things just can’t get worse than they already are. Cornell dean of students has no problem inviting ISIS to Cornell this month. Just a few years ago Columbia welcomed Iran’s former president Ahmadinejad to speak to its Ivy lamers. We’re living in Alice in Wonderland, folks: […]

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UFO Talk with Janet and Sasha Renegade Talk Radio

Hosts Janet Kira Lessin & Dr. Sasha Lessin interview Dr. Robert E. Farrell on the Sacred Matrix on Revolution Radio ( on Sunday, March 22, 2015, Studio B from 8 to 10 PM Eastern time. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Dr. Robert E. Farrell received his Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering from The Ohio State University, […]

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Monday Madness with Richie and Marla Renegade Talk Radio

Welcome Renegade Nation Ted Cruz Opens 2016 As the Election’s Self-Declared Conservative Champion. You can’t get more un-American than backwards, oppressive Muslim sharia laws and Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal is right to say the US should never allow such so-called law to be practiced here. Still, Muslim groups inside our own country are denouncing Jindal […]

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Hemp is Where the Home is! Renegade Talk Radio

PatiCakes Queen of Cannabis Kandice Hawes Orange County Norml Keiko Beattie US Weed Channel Magic Mike our fabulous Producer talk with Tyler Hoff our favorite Hempster of HempAware & Bulk Hemp Wharehouse Tyler believes, based on experience and years worth of research and documentation, that Hemp is Mother Earth’s most essential and beneficial agricultural crop. […]

Banksters 2

All Wars are Banker Wars with Michael Rivero

Renegade Nation — As we have been telling you for years. This is a must See Renegade Talk Radio Richie and Marla Thanks to Michael Rivero

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UFO Talk Renegade Talk Radio with Janet and Sasha

UFO Talk Most “Gods” Left Us Janet and Sasha Renegade Talk Radio THE GODS (most of them, anyway) LEFT US 2025 – 2050 BC “By around 1250 B.C.” writes Neil Freer, the Nibirans, whom our ancestors called the “Anunnaki” (Those Who Came Down from the Sky) “had gone into their final phase-out mode. The human […]

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Demand the TRUTH Richie and Marla Renegade Talk Radio

ICE: 167,527 Criminal Aliens Loose in U.S.A. According to weekly detention and departure reports from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, there were 167,527 non-detained convicted criminal aliens in the United States as of Jan. 26 of this year, a congressional hearing revealed Thursday. San Francisco Saint Mary’s Cathedral Drenches Homeless With Water To Keep Them […]


Rapper Hates Fat White People Richie and Marla Renegade Talk

Rapper Azealia Banks hates “fat white Americans” and believes that those who live in middle America are “these racist conservative white people who live on their farms,” according to a recent interview she did with Playboy magazine. Banks, 23, also said that a part of her knows that she’s “not supposed to be worshipping Jesus […]


Legalize Weed In Nevada? Richie Marla and Roxy Renegade Talk

Las Vegas voters could legalize weed for the state of Nevada in 2016. The bill to regulate marijuana like alcohol will be added to the official ballot, thanks to a petition receiving more than enough signatures. Heather Mills: Paul McCartney needs Rihanna and Kanye to stay relevant. Enjoy Renegade Nation Richie Marla and Roxy

Bethany Blankley

American Betrayal with Bethany Blankley Renegade Talk Radio

Renegade Nation – Welcome Bethany to Renegade Talk Radio. Bethany will be on air once a week starting next week to discuss the current issues in America. Bethany’s Background Bethany Blankley offers political analysis for Fox News Radio and conservative commentary on various television news programs. She writes regular columns for The Washington Times (Axis […]


Robot Hookers on Renegade Talk with Richie Marla and Roxy

Renegade Nation welcome Rozy our new Co-Host Funny Shit. It’s 2020, and Roger, a recent divorcé from New York, decides to pay for some female company. So he turns on his computer, connects a robotic vagina to it and starts having sex with Cinnamon, a college student in Sydney with a computer and a remotely […]


How Butts Stole the Spotlight From Boobs with Richie and Marla

Butts or Boobs !!! Pope Francis to be greeted by image of bare-breasted nun on visit to Naples. Agony of man, 42, who broke his PENIS during sex (and says he heard it snap) Richie and Marla xoxo

Welfare 1

The Long and Short of It with Richie and Marla Renegade Talk

Welcome Renegade Nation and today’s show — Here’s How Much Taxpayer Money Illegals Will Receive Via Obama’s Amnesty. AND Penis size: researchers provide the long and short of it. Enjoy Richie and Marla xoxo



Ancients Used White Gold for Energy; Their Heirs Murder Whistleblowers

Anthropologist Sasha Lessin describes the sonar capacitator system Extraterrestrials from Nibiru and their Earthling slaves erected over hundreds of miles of south Africa. UFO researcher Janet Kira … [Read More...]


UFO Tuesday With Dr Sasha and Janet Lessin

Richie and Marla back on Air with Sasha and Janet. This is a must Listen. NBA All-Star Baron Davis says he was abducted by aliens Posted by: Alejandro Rojas July 15, 2013 0 1825 Views Baron Davis, a … [Read More...]


Renegade Talk Hosts Rich and Marla interview Anthropologist Dr. Sasha Lessin and Alien Contact researcher Janet Kira Lessin on the 50th Anniversary of … [Read More...]


Reports of UFO Sightings Across California

Federal authorities said today there has been no “unusual flight activity” in California despite a flurry of reports by civilians in several cities who believe they saw strange lights in the sky on … [Read More...]

Nibriu Planet


Renegade Nation Welcomes Sasha Lessin, Ph.D. (Anthropology, U.C.L.A.), author of “ANUNNAKI: GODS NO MORE, Techno-Savvy ET s From the Planet Nibiru Who Came For Gold, Created Us From Their … [Read More...]

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